“We are turning the idea of the microscopy core facility upside down. We want to bring the microscope as close to the sample as possible, rather than biologists bringing their delicate samples to us.”

Michael Weber

With Flamingo, we revolutionize how and where high-powered research microscopes are setup and used. To achieve that, we re-design a high-end custom optical microscope down to compact, portable dimensions, with minimal compromises. Then, we ship it to interested research partners, who use them as their imaging tool. If needed, we re-configure it to meet specific needs, and ship it to the next scientific project.

  • You & your sample stay where they are and the microscope travels.
  • You receive a turn-key microscope that fits your needs.
  • We support you on site and/or remotely.
  • When you’re done, you ship the microscope to the next lab.

Our approach has transformative benefits to the study of basic biology, as it allows scientists to do studies on living organisms close to where they reside. With help from our supporters, we aim to democratize high-end light microscopy, bringing it to campuses and labs for free.

“We think this will be especially useful for reproducing scientific results, something increasingly important to science. When anyone publishes a paper that used Flamingo to produce data, another scientist can request a Flamingo and reproduce that same project.”

Jan Huisken

The concept is not limited to a specific microscopy technique. We start with light sheet microscopy, and the reasons to do so are simple. First of all, it is the best choice to image live, potentially fragile specimen in three dimensions over time. Second, Jan Huisken is co-inventor of light sheet microscopy, and our lab has plenty of experience in developing and using it.

Flamingo also has the potential to expand imaging opportunities beyond the well-established model organisms, enabling access to new species by bringing the microscope close to their natural habitat. In addition, we also see Flamingo as a great tool for research education in microscopy and biology courses.

Artwork by Jacki Whisenant