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Flamingo Project

High-End Custom microscopy inside and outside the optics lab

The Flamingo is our compact and powerful custom microscope platform. It features the same components as our stationary setups, but has a modular design that supports multiple configurations. The Flamingo helped us to become more flexible in the lab, serving as a fully equipped base for microscope development. In addition, it enabled us to bring our collaborations to a new level. Now, we can move custom microscopes right to where the samples are located, enabling new and exciting imaging experiments much quicker.

Modular build to support a variety of samples

Each Flamingo is build up from modules – core structure, detection arm, illumination arm, motor unit, electronics box. These elements can be combined flexibly and the entire microscope orientation can be changed, which makes the microscope compatible with a variety of samples and mounting strategies.

A multidisciplinary Effort

People from numerous disciplines are involved in moving the Flamingo project forward. Optical and mechanical engineers, biologists, imaging scientists, computer scientists and many more share their ideas and expertises.

Benefits for you and us

The Flamingo helps us to streamline microscope development and gives researchers access to custom high-end microscopy. Biologists can unlock new imaging experiments and we get insights into new samples and projects. Flamingos get redefined with every project, and the streamlined build allows us to implement these refinements into every Flamingo out there.

Project Support

Our Flamingo project is a purely academic endeavor and wouldn’t be viable without research funding and industry partners. We are happy that several organizations believe in our idea, and we thank the following supporters for their contributions:

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