The Flamingo is our shareable, modular microscope configurable to suit a broad range of applications and the very first involv3D project. It is a compact selective plane illumination microscope (SPIM) constructed in either classic or inverted geometry and designed to perform high throughput imaging of conventionally mounted samples. Rapid volumetric multi-color imaging is achieved via a fast, low-noise camera, multiple laser lines and an emission filter wheel.

The microscope utilizes water dipping optics for illumination and detection and is perfectly suited for imaging live samples such as fruit fly embryos, zebrafish embryos and larvae, organoids, spheroids and tissue sections. Light sheet uniformity is enhanced via rapid pivoting of the light sheet (mSPIM).

Building the Flamingo

Flamingo on the move

Where should a Flamingo go next?

To spread the word about the Flamingo we’ve taken it to conferences around the globe, a portable microscope is perfectly suited to join us on our trips. We’ve asked interested scientists to pin a Flamingo at their lab’s location and therefore to show us where it should travel next.

based on feedback collected on three conferences, plus personal contact